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Your first "business card".

Sending out your CV is the first step in the lengthy process of finding a job. Before contacting a prospective employer ensure that you compile a suitable CV. Your CV should be concise, easy to read and follow. It should highlight your achievements and strengths that you consider to be relative to the job for which you wish to apply. Remember that your application will be analysed in under a minute...

Your CV may now be ready to help you obtain the job that you want. Before submission, however ensure that you take the time to carry out a few vital checks:
- correct spelling,
- typing errors and missing words,
- correct file format. Time should also be taken to choose a suitable format. Select a style and adhere to it throughout.

It is recommended that you have a third party proof read your CV. Once you have made any necessary adjustments you can consider your covering letter. This letter serves as a means for you to convey any information not included in your CV. Typical information that could be beneficial for your application would be personal experiences, motivation and aspirations. This letter must provide a logical link between the position you are applying for and your suitability to it. Unless instructed otherwise, this letter should always be hand-written and as concise as possible.
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