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Presentation is the key to your success.

your CV is not the only thing to perfect before the interview. Time must also be taken to consider:
- relevant information that could be drawn from personal experiences,
- important qualities or skills that could complement the application,
- driving force and expectations.

It is also vital that you research your future employer whether it is the sector in which they work, their business position or achievements.
Ensure that you are also fully aware of the job description for the position that you are applying for.

Never forget that you will be evaluated before you begin the interview. A brief glance is all that a consultant requires to assess you. It is therefore imperative that you be smartly dressed for your interview. For Ladies, a business suit is advised with court shoes to ensure you appear " well groomed". Avoid unnecessary amounts of make up, excessive jewellery and overpowering perfume. For Gentlemen, it is recommended that you select a dark suit with a conventional tie.

Finally, ensure that you are on time and try to relax!
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